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About Us


In Quebec, Groupe Carrier Trailers meets the needs of each customer, while respecting the balance between quality and price. We know you have high expectations about your shopping experience, which is why we take on the challenge of meeting and surpassing standards every time. Let us prove our commitment to excellence.

The entire Carrier Group Trailer team can’t wait to share their knowledge and experience to guide you to the best buy. We invite you to browse our inventory online, or to visit us to see all the product lines offered and available. It’s also easy and quick to consider the financing options available to you, both commercially and personally. Don’t hesitate to make a request for information about a trailer, special order, or trailer and performance parts using our online form or by calling 1 (418) 210-0221

— Kevin Carrier, Carrier Group Director



Pay the right price for the trailer that meets your needs!

Have the option to choose your model from several brands and sizes. We also have all the equipment to adapt your trailer for your use, whether for construction, snowmobiling or any other project.

Customer satisfaction is our priority, which is why our services and advice are based on the specific needs of each customer.

Want to buy a new trailer and exchange yours without hassle? Make us your offer and we will be happy to make an agreement with you.

Affordable, simple and effective financing, up to 3rd chance to credit. Complete the funding form for more information

Make an appointment with our specialists to repair and maintain your trailers.